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VDI finally proves its worth

Posted by Aoife McMonagle on Jan 20, 2011 3:03:00 PM

an apple for teacherAuthor: Jeremy Hanlon

Principal Consultant for Virtualization

I’ve had the pleasure this week to spend some time with some large Canadian Universities looking at Desktop Virtualization. I’ll be honest – for the past few years there has been a lot of talk about Desktop Virtualization/VDI but there didn’t seem to be a whole lot happening, just a bunch of POCs that didn’t seem to turn into anything.

Then last year it started to change (at least from my perspective). The ROI was much improved. The actual VDI solutions were getting better and better. Implementation was becoming easier.

At Scalar we began to spend a lot of time with VMware View… especially after VMware View 4.5 came out. VMware claimed that View 4.5 could reduce IT maintenance, cost and complexity in the education space. After a lot of in-house testing, it all seemed true.

We started doing implementations of View with vendors like F5, Cisco, EMC and NetApp, building complete virtual desktop infrastructures. Implementations were put together quickly and easily. As I watch the @VMwareView twitter feed I keep seeing the same thing – RTs (RT = retweet) of “View implementation complete – way easier than I thought”. The View implementation isn’t bad at all; we spend more time with all the other pieces, like F5, Wyse, Networking, Storage, etc - making a high performance and dependable infrastructure. That’s the true value of a good VAR/SI, like us (a little self promotion never hurt!).

So back to Higher Education. We’ve completed some large implementations of VMware View for some very prestigious Canadian Universities and Colleges. From great ROI to huge power savings to “any device compatibility” there were a lot of good things that came out of the implementations. Students were able to use their own laptops, iPad’s, iPhones, Android devices, Wyse thin clients, etc; migrations to Windows 7 were accelerated; there were both CapEx and OpEx savings; clients realized easier management and better reliability. Overall – some very happy customers and end users.

When we saw how happy our Edu clients were with the implementations and how quickly they were completed we decided to work with VMware and Wyse to come up with a great VDI Starter Kit for the Education Market. The kit contains everything you need to see why a Scalar, VMware View and Wyse solution will save you time and money on the desktop side of the house – included are professional services, production licenses, server hardware and actual Wyse thin clients. It’s all there – VDI in a box.

Want to see a product demonstration of VMware View 4.5 in our customer demo lab at Scalar? Drop me an email and we’ll set up a meeting.

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