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Infographic: Security Strategies for Safer Cloud Migrations

Posted by Aoife McMonagle on May 19, 2015 9:05:00 AM

Cloud computing continues to become a more prolific and revolutionary technology, leading many firms to migrate applications, data and other assets into these advanced environments. As change is one of the more consistent creators of risk in IT security, cloud migrations must be handled properly and in such a way that maintains protection of sensitive information and systems.

Our infographic illustrates some of the required security strategies needed to ensure that cloud migrations go smoothly. First, businesses must focus on the evaluation and refinement of corporate priorities, objectives, regulatory requirements and other demands as they relate to each cloud asset.

Nearly two-thirds of firms have been found to not focus upon cloud security in an acute and targeted fashion, which puts them at an inherent risk of experiencing privacy failures during and after a migration process. Next, the delegation of responsibilities should be handled with care and in a collaborative fashion with the cloud provider so that all individuals involved are on the same page.

Finally, we suggest identifying the most pressing threats to security and prioritizing mitigation strategies to align with need, rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach to these endeavours. As a note, the most common risks in this discussion will tend to be data breaches and loss of information, as well as compromised accounts following the exposure of credentials.

Cloud migration is becoming an increasingly popular and necessary process among businesses in virtually every industry and region, and the security threats involved therein must be faced head-on to avoid severe consequences. With the help of the right provider, organizations can effectively complete cloud migration processes while avoiding risks in stride. 

Click on the infographic below to open a full-size version.

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